Photography – From Your Hobby To Your Business

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Do you realise just how in-demand, cheaper, good quality images are these days? The photography industry is going into overdrive just now as Amazon are very proud to announce, with sales of digital cameras and smart phones Exploding!!

You may think that your own images are just ordinary and not worth a light to anyone but you’re ….. WRONG!!

Webmasters, book illustrators, freelance illustrators, graphic designers etc, etc, are clamouring to get hold of the genuinely ‘unique’, ordinary, and not-so-ordinary images just like the ones you have stored on your phone, laptop, CD’s etc – So why not cash in with them??

Do they use the whole image? – Often they don’t, they’ll sometimes just crop an area of interest from your photo, but they’ll still pay you for the ‘whole’ image 🙂

You could be earning a full or part-time income from Instagram for the forseeable future from photo’s you’ve already taken, let alone from the ones you ‘will’ take once you realise the potential at your disposal here.

OK – I will be posting articles regularly to keep you updated on developments in this brilliant cash-flow system that’s suitable for every Tom, Dick & Harriet to cash-in on.

But Why Stop There? …. Why not set up your very own part-time or full-time photography business??

Marsh Lock at Henley-On-ThamesThat’s right. Who could say that there’s no chance that your hobby could also be the foundation of your first business venture? There are a lot of people out there who are in need of a good photographer to capture images of their Daughter’s wedding, their Son’s graduation or their very own wedding and More!

Why couldn’t you be the one to supply your photography services to their needs?

For the transition of photography from hobby – to your very own business – there are several things that you need to do first.

Get Paid To Take Photographs
Market Your Photography Skills – Sell yourself, in other words!
Let people know about what you can do in the field of photography, why they need your skills and why they should hire you. Make sure, however, that you charge them reasonable rates since you’re probably still more or less an amateur in the field of photography.

To effectively market your photography skills, don’t be afraid of spending a little money on posting ads in the classified sections. Don’t stop there either, you should post about your photography business in as many places as you can including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr (obviously) as well as LinkedIn, Google+ and many more too numerous to mention.

Join Interest Groups – This could be the local photography club in your community or the association of young photographers in your school. It could also be a Yahoo or Google Group that you could easily join. It might even be your local chamber of commerce as well as your Local Business Referral Club.

Many local photography/arts groups are able to hold regular or annual exhibits of their works and it wouldn’t hurt to expose the world to the beauty of your work in the field of photography.

Join Photo Competitions – Two things that you could enjoy when joining photography competitions: fame and fortune.
Both are equally important. Fame would do wonders to your career in photography because it would let the world know about your skills and winning a photography competition may also offer the prize of having an apprenticeship under a world famous photographer.
And when it comes to Fortune – well, when did extra money ever hurt?

Offer Your Skills For Free to Government Projects – The government is always on the lookout for professionals who are willing to work for free and you should take advantage of this. Offer your photography skills for free because this would give you the opportunity to show them what you got.

Offer Samples of Your Work to Newspapers and Magazines – This is just like joining a photography competition. When you offer samples of your work to newspapers and magazines, you’re improving the chances that you’ll get noticed by the people who matter.

Although we can’t say that the road to victory is easy, never give up, never stop taking pictures, check out more posts on this website and you’re sure to go far!



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